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Who we are

With innovative and original approaches, we assist companies and funds in developing and expanding into local and international markets to generate growth and profit. We leverage our best-in-class services and top talents and gear it toward the success of our clients.

Triumspear International is an internationally focused firm, whose mission is to advise, execute and develop international projects by facilitating international relations, offering M&A advisory services, executing turnarounds, managing import-export initiatives, performing agency representation, advising on strategic procurement processes and managing negotiations. In addition, our firm assists private-equity funds in managing projects overseas by acting as project leader, CFO, as well as market developer, while ensuring professionalism, upholding fiduciary duties and providing best-in-class service.

  • Canadian-based firm focused on managing and developing investments worldwide.
  • We mitigate the risk by working throughout the investment cycle from target selection, transaction, integration, management and divestiture or monetization.
  • On-the-ground Operating Partners and Culture Specialists.
  • Our clients include Private Equity Funds, Pension Funds, Investors, Multinational Companies (public and private), Multilateral Institutions and Project Promoters.
  • Deep Knowledge in Emerging Markets (Latin America (LATAM), the Caribbean and Africa) with focus on medium to large-scale projects.

Our mission is about generating development and growth, improving performance or promoting interests of businesses with agility and top talents while delivering the best opportunities worldwide.

We distinguish ourselves through innovative and original approaches. We are a driving force that assists companies in developing and expanding into different markets internationally to generates growth and profits. We are movers and shakers who transforms a sluggish division into a profitable one. We are a powerhouse that delivers solutions to complex business challenges by leveraging our best-in-class services and top talents. We are Triumspear International, we are the company that you need for your growth and successes.

Committed to excellence, the team has successfully engaged in several managerial positions and entrepreneurial ventures with both start-up companies and large multi-nationals across a broad spectrum of industries and geographies. In their roles, they have been responsible for strategic leadership and new business development, entry-market strategies, capital raise, strategic partnerships, CFO management, M&A, project financing and execution, turnarounds, international relations as well as effective cross-selling to gain value-added service offerings.

Experience working in the following sectors: manufacturing, entertainment, energy (renewable and traditional), mining, tourism, real estate, consumer goods, technology, and infrastructure, oil and gas.

MBA graduates from top-tier business schools, the partners have complementary backgrounds working to ensure success for Triumspear International’s clients. They speak English, Spanish and French for global coverage and are experts at managing strategic partnerships across 5 continents.

We care about success, as much as about ethics and principled long-term business relations.

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